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Mar 10, 2011

Ouran High School Glee Club Chapter 1

Note:  I don't own the titles to Glee or Ouran High School Host Club.  All original work to both shows belong to their creators.  And now, to begin the fanfiction...

It was the first Glee Club meeting of the week.  Tamaki was busy attempting to figure out the commoners'  pitch-pipe.  Hunny was eating cake, while Mori was faithfully by his side.  Kyoya was crunching numbers and simultaneously obtaining blackmail, as only he could.  Hikaru and Kaoru were working on their latest duet.  All the while, they had no idea what was about to happen.
Haruhi, a small first-year, came in because she was looking for a place to study.  Apparently, she thought that the music room had been abandoned.  She thought wrong.  The rug was ever-so-slightly pushed up at the end, and caused her to trip and fall into their new microphone!

"You do realize that was our brand-new, high-tech microphone," Hikaru said.

"It cost over ten thousand yen," Kaoru added.

"Well, Tamaki, what should we do about this?" Kyoya asked.

"Haruhi Fujioka should have to sing off his debt!" Tamaki said with a grin.  "Does that sound acceptable to everyone?"

"Yes, milord!" the twins agreed.

"But-" Haruhi protested.

"It appears to be adequate that he should have to sing," Kyoya said agreeably.

"But I can't-" objected Haruhi.

"YAY!  Haru-chan's gonna sing!" Hunny exclaimed.

"I can't si-  Who are you calling Haru-chan?" Haruhi yelled.

"Then it's decided," Tamaki said. 

"I am not able to sing," Haruhi explained, finally able to get a word in.  Everyone was quiet, with looks of shock on their faces, except for Kyoya, always the cool one.  "I've never had any musical talent whatsoever.  I've been banned even from singing 'Happy Birthday' at my friends' parties."

"Can you dance?" asked Tamaki.


"Can you play an instrument?"


"Do you have any experience working backstage?"

"I do not."

"Then we must teach you to sing," he suggested with a grin.

"Excuse me?" Haruhi answered, confused.  "I told you.  I am not able to sing."

"We will fix it.  Ahem.  Cue the music," Tamaki said, clearing his throat.  Then he began to sing the song "Popular" from Wicked, which was oddly appropriate.  He danced around the room, barking out orders to the rest of the glee club.  Kyoya was ringing up the school tailor, Hikaru and Kaoru gave Haruhi a haircut, Mori gave Haruhi his spare contacts, and Hunny ate cake.

Haruhi changed into the uniform they gave her.  Unwittingly, Tamaki walked in on her. 

"Y-you're a girl?!"

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