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Mar 18, 2011

Ouran High School Glee Club Chapter 2

Note:  I don't own any of the titles of Ouran High School Host Club or Glee.  All titles and characters are original creations of Bisco Hatori and the creators of Glee.

Here's what you missed from the last installment of Ouran High School Glee Club:  Haruhi tripped over a rug and broke the glee club's new microphone.  She is now endebted to the glee club, and has to sing off her debt.  Tamaki gave her a makeover, but mistook her for a boy.  He walked in on her while she was changing into her new uniform, and found out she was a girl.  And that's what you missed on Ouran High School Glee Club!

"Never claimed otherwise," said Haruhi.

"But- but-" Tamaki stammered, walking over to the emo corner.

"I knew from the moment I met her," Hunny said thoughtfully.

"I figured it would be easier, considering you already bought me the uniform," Haruhi explained. 

"Which, by the way, will be added onto your debt," Kyoya added.

Haruhi groaned, fearing her debt would never be paid off.  "So, I don't want another new uniform to be added to my debt.  I will never be able to pay it off if it is, so I can just conceal my gender."

"Although this might be difficult in specific situations, I do believe we can manage that," Kyoya said, attempting to hide his disappointment at her unwillingness to increase her debt.  "I suppose we should begin teaching you how to sing, shouldn't we?"

"Yeah, good luck with that.  I sing like a cat that swallowed the tinsel off of a Christmas tree," she said.

"Maybe we can fix it," suggested Hunny hopefully.

"Well, first off, we should find out what vocal part you are," Kyoya said.  "Tamaki, cue the piano."

Haruhi began singing basic vocal warm ups, and the rest of the glee club found out that she was right, that she did in fact sing like a cat that swallowed the tinsel off of a Christmas tree.

"How about we put you in the monotone section," Hikaru suggested.

"But, Hika-chan, that's not an actual section," Hunny pointed out.  Hikaru face-palmed himself and Haruhi rolled her eyes.

"Perhaps she's an alto?" Kyoya suggested.

"I don't know.  She hit some pretty high notes," Kaoru said.

"Not that they sounded good," added Hikaru.

"Maybe she's a mezzo soprano?" Hunny inquired.  "They're right in the middle, aren't they?"

"We could just put her wherever she fits with our songs," Tamaki said, finally coming out of the emo corner.  "That would probably be the easiest thing to do."

"Sounds fine.  Let's get to work on our song, shall we?" Kyoya said, handing Haruhi some sheet music.  "The song that we are doing is called 'Lollipop.'  You've probably heard of it."

"It's basically about why some guy calls his girlfriend, 'Lollipop,'" Hikaru said.

"It's not very deep, but it sure is fun!" Kaoru added.

"We'll put you on the melody, so that it'll be easy for you, Haru-chan!" Hunny said.

"Yeah," Mori agreed.

And so, they attempted to teach Haruhi the melody, which was incredibly easy.  However, she still showed no capability of carrying a tune.

"This is hopeless!" Hikaru exclaimed after the fifteenth try.  

"She's hopeless!" Kaoru corrected.  "She can't even learn the first four measures!"

Tamaki looked like he was ready to bang his head against the wall.  "We can't teach her to sing.  We should just give up."

"Excuse me?  You want to give up?  We are not giving up.  This girl has a debt to pay, remember?" Kyoya pointed out.

"But Kyo-chan, how can we teach her to sing?" Hunny inquired.

"I'll just say desperate times call for desperate measures," Kyoya explained, although it really wasn't much of an explanation.

"Go on..." the twins said with growing curiosity.

"Anya," Kyoya answered.

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