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Jun 10, 2011

Ouran High School Host Club Skit

Note:  I own nothing!

This is what happens when Myka and I have free time in Spanish class.  I think this is what we would do if we ever did an Ouran cosplay skit.  I warn you in advance that this isn't for the faint of heart, or those unfamiliar with Ouran.  Read ahead, if you dare.

Hunny:  KYOYA!  Haru-chan and Tama-chan are fighting again, the twins are making out in a corner, I lost my Usa-chan, and I can't find Takashi anywhere and it makes me uncomfortable!
Kyoya:  Well, where did you last see Mori?
Hunny:  Well, he went to get me some cake but that was over an hour ago.  I'm getting kind of worried about him.
Kyoya:  Don't worry, Hunny.  We'll find him.
Hunny:  Well, I really want him back 'cause I want my cake.
Kyoya:  (facepalm)  Clearly you've been spending too much time around me.
Hunny:  Well, that's a good thing, right?  'Cause you make all the money in the host club and you're obviously the smartest.  (under his breath) And I'm being a total suck-up right now.  (Normal voice)  And that's a good thing, right?
Kyoya:  Sure, let's go with that.
Hunny:  But I'm not sure I want to be like you because you don't have a girlfriend and I don't want to end up old and alone just because I'm a total jack-a** like you.
Kyoya:  But I- I have Anya!
Hunny:  She hates you!
Kyoya:  She does not hate me!  She just has a passion so strong for me that it can only be expressed through physical and verbal abuse.
Hunny:  Sure, Kyoya.  Think whatever you want.
Tamaki:  (runs in)  HARUHIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I IS IN A LOINCLOTH ALL FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hunny:  Tama-chan, put that away!  I'm not gay and I don't think Haruhi wants to be scarred for life.
Tamaki:  Well, I was doing it for Kyoya.
Kyoya:  Straight!
Tamaki:  D***.  (walks off)
Haruhi (hiding behind Kyoya):  Is he gone yet?
Kyoya:  I think so.
Haruhi:  (comes out from behind)  Good.
Tamaki:  (glomps Haruhi)  HAAAAARUUUUUUUHIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Haruhi:  You said he was gone!
Kyoya:  I lied.  I do that a lot.
Haruhi:  So what do you want, Tamaki?
Tamaki:  Lookit!  I'm in a loincloth.  (grins)
Haruhi:  That's not right.
Tamaki:  You don't like it?
Haruhi:  ...Yeah.  Pretty much.
Tamaki:  You're a party pooper.
Hikaru and Kaoru:  (dancing)  Haruhi's a party pooper!  Haruhi's a party pooper!
Haruhi:  Where did you guys come from?
Hikaru:  Japan.
Kaoru:  Technically, our mother's womb, which is in Japan.
Hikaru:  Then, we came out of her-
Hunny:  I'm too young for this!
Kaoru:  You're seventeen and you never learned about it?
Hunny:  Takashi never taught me...
Kyoya:  Speaking of whom...
Mori:  Mitsukuni.
Hunny:  (tackles Mori)  Takashi!!!  I missed you!!!  (grabs bag)  Oh!  My cake!  (runs into corner)  Come on, Usa-chan.

And now you know what goes on in the insane minds of Myka and me during Spanish class.

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