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Jul 29, 2011

His Butler, Impoverished Chapter 2

Note:  I still don't own any rights to Black Butler or Rent!

Ciel and Bard both sat in their apartment, waiting for Sebastian to visit.
“He’s been down there an awfully long time.  I wonder if something’s wrong,” Ciel commented.
“Let’s go check it out,” Bard said, putting his guitar down. 
The two came out of their apartment, keeping a close eye out for Sebastian.  However, instead of seeing him, they saw an all-too-familiar face.
“Lord Soma.  What are you doing here?” Bard said.
“Just checking out the area for Curryland,” he said, not making eye contact.  “How’s your girlfriend doing, Ciel?  Are you and Ran-Mau still together, or did she finally leave you?”
“We are not together anymore,” Ciel said to the ground.
Soma smirked.  “So, what’s his name?”
“Madame Red,” Bard answered for him.
“What?  You mean-“ Soma couldn’t say anymore; he was laughing too hard. 
Ciel glared at Bard.  “You couldn’t’ve lied to him for me?” he mouthed.  Bard shook his head, grinning.
Soma, finally regaining his composure, spoke once again.  “So, how are you planning to pay your rent?”
“We can’t.  Nobody here can, and you know it.  You went back on your promise to everyone here just so you can tear down the place and build your wondrous Curryland,” Ciel said.
“This place deserves to be destroyed.  It’s getting in the way of progress.”  Bard scoffed at this.  “Now, now.  Don’t be rude.  I have a proposition for you, my old friends.  Care to know what it is?”
Ciel looked to Bard, then to Soma, then back to Bard, who shrugged.  “What is it?” he asked flatly.
“If you can get your friend, Ran-Mau, to call off the protest she’s leading, I will call off both of your debts and you can live it up with me in Curryland,” Soma said.
“You actually expect us to betray our friends just like that?” Bard asked, insulted.
“Come on.  I want to be able to destroy this place without a menial protest getting in my way.  You want to have a better life post-Bohemia.  This way, both of our problems are solved.”
“Never.”  Ciel stared him down.
“Fine, then,” Soma went on, unfazed.  “Enjoy your beloved Bohemia.  It won’t be around that much longer.”  He left, his high-end boots clicking against the ground.
“To think we were ever friends with that sorry excuse for a man,” Ciel said.  “Want to continue looking for Sebastian?”
“It’s too cold.  Let’s go back inside and possibly warm ourselves by the light of your burning scripts,” Bard answered.

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