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Aug 12, 2011

Ouran High School Glee Club Chapter 4

Note:  I don't own any of the titles to Ouran High School Host Club or Glee.  All titles and characters belong to their creators.

Here’s what you missed on the last episode of Ouran High School Glee Club:  Kyoya brought in Anya in so Haruhi can learn how to sing.  Anya argued with the choir members about song choice.  She asked Haruhi to sing for her.  And that’s what you missed on Ouran High School Glee Club!

“So, that’s your real singing voice?” Anya asked, trying to be diplomatic.
“Yes,” Haruhi answered her.  Anya said something in English.  It was either an insult or a curse word.  “Is it really that bad?” she asked the other show choir members.
Everyone looked around at each other, not wanting to have to tell her that it was really that bad.
Kyoya was the only one cold enough to say, “Yes, Haruhi.  Your singing is terrible, and you have to learn to sing-“
“In order to pay off my debt.  I know.  You’ve told me enough times.  I still don’t understand why,” Haruhi said.
“We’re a show choir!  We sing!” Tamaki said.
“Badly,” Anya added.  Hikaru smacked her on the shoulder.
“So…  How am I supposed to learn how to sing?” Haruhi asked.
Everybody looked at Anya, who, like everyone else, seemed puzzled by this question.
“I’ll come back tomorrow with a plan to tackle this situation.  In the meantime, read this.  It’ll help,” she said, handing Haruhi a copy of Music for Morons.  “Sorry if the title’s a bit demeaning, but you’re a beginner, and it’s the simplest way to learn music.”  Anya started toward the door, which was blocked by members of the other show choir, along with the director, Mr. Oda.
“What are they doing here?” Hunny asked.
“I don’t know,” Mori answered, giving his one line for the episode.
“Anya?  Do you know?  They’re your choir, after all,” Kyoya deferred, shrugging.
“That doesn’t mean I know,” Anya said.
“Anya!” Taa-chan, a member of the other show choir, said, running up to her.  “We just got some really alarming news.”
“What happened?” Anya asked her.
“Due to budget cuts,” Mr. Oda started, taking over.  “There is only enough money for one show choir.”
“What?  What does that mean?” Tamaki asked.
“It means we’re going to have to merge,” Mr. Oda answered.
“Merge?” the twins said, looking at each other.
“We’re going to have to be one show choir.”

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