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Sep 24, 2011

Anya's Story Chapter 2

Note: I own no rights to Ouran High School Host Club or Glee, nor do I claim to. All rights belong to their respective owners. KARPAT95VN95

If you’re wondering how I got here, since I’m American, why I’m engaged to a Japanese guy, et cetera, et cetera, I’ll tell you.  If you’re not wondering, get over it; I’m telling you anyway. 
It all started about two years ago.  For some reason, my family and I had decided to pack up all our things from America and go to Japan.  My parents said that it was to expand business, but I could tell it wasn’t completely true.  We had expanded into other countries before, but we never had to move there.  I took little Adonia (she was just a puppy then) and packed my bags for Japan.
It’s not like I wasn’t excited.  I liked Japanese culture, and it’s not like I had a lot of friends I’d be leaving behind (I had a total of two), but it just never quite sat right with me, if you know what I mean. 
The plane ride there was uneventful; I listened to my iPod and read, Dad worked on his new novel, and Mom, well, who knows what she did.  When we got to Japan, we took a car to our new house.  I was surprised at how big it was.  I got lost in it on more than one occasion, just trying to find my room.  Dad and Maria were more than helpful with that.
I had barely enough time to unpack my bags, because, on the evening after we came, we were invited to dinner with the Ohtori family.  I did my best to look nice.  I wore a purple dress and brushed my naturally platinum hair (which, at the time, was so long I could sit on it) until my arms were sore.  For time’s sake, I didn’t put on any more makeup than I already wore (I hadn’t been given a lot of notice) and rushed out the door with Dad, and waited in the car for Mom.
We got to their house, where I was introduced to Kyoya, his two older brothers, and his father, who scared me a little.  We had a nice dinner over which business was discussed.  I kept quiet, only speaking when Kyoya’s father asked me about what I was interested in.  “I like music,” I said in what I hoped was perfect Japanese, “and baseball, too.”  He smiled at me, nodded, and then continued with his food.
When dessert was brought out, the news was broken.  “Kyoya, Miss Anya, we have an announcement for the both of you,” Kyoya’s dad said.  “Ms. Farrish, if you would do the honors,” he added, referring to my mother.
“You two are going to get married!” she said, practically bursting with excitement.  I had never seen her so happy before.
I looked over at Kyoya as if to say, Had you heard anything about this?  He shook his head no, but remained perfectly calm.  “Um, excuse me, but when exactly is this whole marriage thing going to take place?  And how long have I, uh, we not known about this?” I asked.
“Oh, we certainly don’t mean for you to get married right now.  We’ll have to at least wait until you have both graduated.  And we’ve been planning this since before either of you were born,” Mom said, smiling.  She knew this was making me squirm.
After an awkward silence, Kyoya spoke up.  “Miss Anya, how about you come with me and we can, well, enjoy this moment together,” he said, offering me his arm.  I hesitantly agreed.
He led me up to what I assumed was his room.  We both sat down in chairs opposite each other.  “Now, Miss Anya-“
“Anya.  Just Anya.  Do not add Miss,” I corrected him.
“Sorry.  Anya, I assure you, I knew absolutely nothing about this,” Kyoya said, as though that would make everything better.
“That makes two of us,” I answered, intentionally killing the conversation.
“Well, perhaps we should get to know each other,” he said.  “You start.”
“My name’s Anya Grace Reagan.  I have a puppy named Adonia.  I do not want to be thinking about marriage at the age of fourteen.  You?”
“Kyoya Ohtori.  Class representative and top student.  I’ll do my best with this whole marriage thing.”
“Hm.  Top student, you say?  I think you’ll be having some competition this year.”
“I am looking forward to it.  Look, I know you must be pretty confused about all this.  I am, too.  But if you ever need anybody to talk to about it, I’m here.”
“I don’t want to talk to anyone about it.  Honestly, I just want to keep it quiet right about now.  Nobody has to know.  I just want to figure this out for myself on my own.  ‘Kay?”  I crossed my legs.
“If that’s what you want, then it’s okay with me.”  And that was that.  He attempted small talk, but, of course, I did all I could to avoid it. 
“So you’re a vegetarian,” he asked.
“Sure am,” I answered.
“What’s it like?” he inquired.
“Like eating everything but meat,” I answered.
He frowned.  “Are you planning on joining any clubs?”
“Are you going to tell me what any of those clubs might be?”
We went on like that for a while longer, but by the time he realized that it was hopeless, it was time for us to leave.
“See you in school,” he said.  I nodded.

When I came to school, it was nothing like I had expected.  You see, where I come from, you didn’t have a lot of choice in where you went to school.  You either went to public school, Catholic school, or were home schooled.  I chose public school because I didn’t want to be at home or to have to wear a uniform. 
Obviously, I was pretty shocked when I came to Ouran.  Everything was so fancy.  Everyone looked as though they had money, which, of course, they did.  I, on the other hand, had money, but I didn’t like to look it.  I wore the same uniform as all the other girls, but I was shorter and my curves filled it out a lot more. 
I was in the same class as Kyoya, who really didn’t help my making friends as much as you would think he would.  You see, all the girls in the class had crushes on him.  The fact that I was new, that I had his constant attention, and that I did my best to ignore him combined with my appearance instantly got me some bad credit. 
I did manage to make one friend in my class.  Taa Tsukasa sat next to me in class.  She was just as quiet, although others seemed to like her.  On my second day at Ouran, she looked down at her feet, and then at mine, and said, “Do you have as much trouble finding shoes as I do?”
It took me a bit to figure out what she was talking about, but when I finally did, I nodded and said, “Oh, the plights of the small-footed community.”  We passed notes to each other throughout class, and sat next to each other during lunch.
“You have a lot of piercings.  Do you have any tattoos as well?” she asked as we both chowed down on our school lunches.  Instead of telling her that I had the Japanese character for grace on my left side, I lifted up the edge of my shirt and showed her.  This prompted a few hoots from some of the D class boys who had been watching.  I promptly flipped them off.  Taa-chan blushed.  “You are very daring.  Do your parents know about your, uh, body art?”
“Both my parents know.  Dad’s okay with it.  Mom, well, honestly, I did this to kind of tick her off.  It worked for a while, when I walked into her book club wearing a crop top, for example, but then she just stopped caring,” I answered nonchalantly.
“I do not know if my parents will approve of you,” she grinned.
“Actually, adults tend to like me for some odd reason,” I said.
Just then, Kyoya sat down right beside me.  “Hello, ladies.”
“Hi, Kyoya!” Taa-chan said.
“’Sup?” I asked, forgetting that I should be speaking Japanese.
“I just came over here to see a beautiful girl,” Kyoya said, smiling.
“I think he means you!” I sing-songed to Taa-chan.
“Actually, I meant you, Anya,” he said, giving my shoulder a squeeze.
I quickly moved his hand off of my shoulder.  “Well, thanks, I guess.”
“Do you need any help on your homework tonight?  You can come over to my house and we could-“
“I think I am going to be just fine, Kyoya,” I cut him off.  I got up to take my lunch tray up.
“Here, let me get that for you,” he said, taking the tray out of my hands before I could protest.  He (thankfully) left us.
“I think he likes you,” Taa-chan said, nudging me with her elbow.
“Really?  Why would you think that?” I asked sarcastically.
“Well, for one thing, he called you beautiful.  He’s obviously trying to monopolize your time, and-“
“I was being sarcastic,” I said.
“Oh, okay.  That makes much more sense.”
Anyway, not too much longer after I arrived, Tamaki came.  He was such a relief, because he took Kyoya off my hands for me.  I didn’t care what I would have thought of him otherwise; I liked this guy.  His coming here allowed me time to make friends outside of my class.  I developed interests outside of “music and baseball”, which included Broadway musicals, yaoi, crocheting, kendo, sneaking out of high-society events, and Tim Burton films.  And I suppose that about sums it up.

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