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Mar 7, 2012

Myka's Yarn Errand

Ever since my best friend, Myka, got her driver's liscence, her family has sent her out on errands to get milk, etc.  Monday evening, her grandmother sent her to Wal-Mart for yarn.

Myka asked, "Okay, what kind of yarn?"

Her grandmother answered, "Just something you might make a baby blanket out of."

On this advice, Myka set out.  When she got to Wal-Mart, she was overwhelmed (not underwhelmed) by the yarn selection.  She called her grandmother, asking for a bit more of a description of what kind of yarn she was looking for.  She was given not much more advice than she started with.  Frustrated, she hung up and just bought some yarn.  She did not tell me what she ended up getting.  When she got home, her grandmother just started laughing, as if to say, "Now, was that so hard?"

Long story short:  What isn't all that frustrating to a knitter is incredibly frustrating to all the normal people of the world.

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