knitting- manipulating yarns to do your bidding

otaku- someone who's obsessed with anime to the point of having no life

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Feb 14, 2013

No More Posts :(

Okay, so I realize that I haven't posted things for a very long time, and I'm sorry for that.  I probably won't post much anymore.  The thing is, first Blogger started being stupid and not posting my photos.  Then I started just doing free-form knitting (is that what it's called) and not writing down my patterns like a good little knitter.  I'm also a senior in high school, and I think we all know how hectic that is.  Basically, I've kind of quit blogging.

I hope this kind of clarifies things and, who knows?  Maybe I will start posting things again in a few years.  But for now, see ya later.  Not goodbye.

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