Fuzzy Wuzzy Mittens

Now, Mom gave me a whole bunch of novelty yarns to work with.  Some didn't have labels on them, like the ones I used to make these mittens.  They're really cool, but I only had enough to make one mitten.  I hope you have enough yarn to make at least two, or more depending on how many hands you have.  :)  I will be posting pictures soon.

Size 10.5 straight knitting needles
Fuzzy yarn (Yarn A)
Bulky yarn (Yarn B)
Darning or tapestry needle

Directions (make 2)-
Cast on 21 sts in Yarn A.
Row 1:  * k1, p1 * to last st., k1.
Row 2:  * p1, k1 * to last st., p1.
Repeat rows 1-2 until cuff measures 2 inches.
Switch to Yarn B.
Knit 8 rows in stockinette (k 1 row, p 1 row)
Shape thumb-
Row 1:  k 14 sts., cast on 2 sts, leave remaining sts. unworked
Row 2:  Purl across both cast-on sts., p5 cast on 1 st.
Work 6 more rows in stockinette on center 8 sts.
Next row:  *k2tog* on all sts.  Cut yarn, leaving about 6 in. yarn.  Thread ends into tapestry needle, and pull tight.  Sew thumb seam.
Shape hand-
Row 1:  Cast on 5 sts at the base of the thumb.  Then, work in stockinette across sts on left needle.
Knit all rows in stockinette until the mitten measures approx. 7 inches from cuff, ending on a purl row.
Next row:  Sl 1 as to knit, * k2tog *.
Next row:  P1, * p2tog *.  Cut yarn, leaving about 24 in.  Thread ends into tapestry needle.  Draw up tightly, sew up the rest of the mitten.  Weave in all ends.

Note:  Since the yarn I used was too bulky to fit in the tapestry needle, I used a lighter weight yarn in the same color scheme to do the sewing.

I hope youenjoy your mitten(s)!


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