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Nov 7, 2011

It is quite nice...

It is nice when, in the most random of situations, you find someone else of your kind.
The Dogwood District One-Act Play Competition was this past Saturday and I met a fellow knitter named Russia!  Our meeting went thusly:

Setting:  In the ladies' room of Nelson County High School, around lunchtime.
Alex:  Oh my gosh!  I love your hat!
Russia:  Thanks!  I'm totally obsessed with owls.  (It was an owl hat.)
Alex:  I love owls.  In fact, I saw a knitting pattern for owl pillows online.
Russia:  I love to knit!
Alex:  Okay, I think I love you now.

After this point, we exchanged phone numbers so that we may talk about knitting patterns together.  If you're reading this, Russia, hello!

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