Smittens (Mock Socks)

Well, there are glittens, or mittens + gloves.  These are smittens, or mock socks, or whatever you want to call them.  You can fold the toes up if it's too hot.  I'm trying to find some buttons to put at the top to hold them up, but the nearest place I can find them is the local Wal-Mart, and, honestly, I just don't trust that to bring all my crafting supplies.  I digress.  Here's the pattern.

Side view, toes down
Front view, toe up

Front view, toe down
-US size 6 (4mm) dpns (set of 4)
-1 skein Red Heart Super Saver yarn in Gold
-Yarn or tapestry needle
-A button for each sock, unless you can only get buttons from Wal-Mart

5 sts = 1 inch stockinette st

-CO- cast on
-BO- bind off
-k- knit
-p- purl
-k2tog- knit 2 together
-dpns- double-pointed needles
-sl- slip st

CO 42 sts.
Divide between 3 dpns (10 on needle 1, 21 on needle 2, and 11 on needle 3)
Join in the round.
Work in k1, p1 rib for 1.5 in.
K all sts for 3 rounds.
Next round:  Needle 1:  k all sts.  Needle 2:  Work a short row heel.  Needle 3:  k all sts.
K all sts until work measures 4 in. from beginning when measuring across the top.
BO all sts.
To make the fold-up toe:
Pick up and knit 19 sts across the top of the sock with needle 1.
CO 20 sts onto needle 2.
Join in the round.
K all sts until the piece measures the length of your foot from the heel to toe when stretched.
Next round:  Needle 1:  sl1, k2tog to end.  Needle 2:  sl1, k2tog to last st, sl1.
BO all sts.

Weave in your ends.
Sew up the toe.
And, if you've managed to find some cool and quality buttons, sew them onto the ribbed cuff of the sock, then, make a loop with the yarn large enough to fit around the button at the end of the toe.


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