Bamboo Hat


This was made from some yarn that my friend John gave me for Christmas.  I'm not exactly sure what the color or style it was, but I do know the brand, and that you can get it at Big Lots.  Anyway, I tried to kind of give it a leafy effect, if you look really close, and the color just reminds me of bamboo.

-US size 7 (4.5 mm) circular needles
-Gala mixed fiber yarn
-Yarn or tapestry needle

-sts- stitches
-k- knit
-p- purl
-CO- cast on
-BO- bind off
-k2tog- knit 2 together
-rep- repeat

CO 60 sts.
Join in the round.
Work in k2, p2 rib for 1.5 in.
Rounds 1 and 5:  * p1, k3 * rep from * to end.
Rounds 2 and 4:  * p2, k2 * rep from * to end.
Round 3:  * p3, k1 * rep from * to end.
Work in this way until piece measures 7.5 in.
k2tog all sts for the next round.
BO all sts.
Sew up the top and weave in your ends.


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